7 Ways to Find More Time to Work on Your Side Hustle

7 Ways to Find More Time for your Side Hustle

Balancing a side hustle with full-time work is not easy. Finding the time to work on your side business can be difficult, but there are ways to devote additional time. Incorporating these time management tips will add valuable hours to your week, and more time means more money in your pocket!

1. Wake up earlier

Start your day earlier. Or, stay up later if that works better for you. If you wake up 30 minutes earlier than normal three times a week you gain 90 extra minutes. That’s over six hours per month! Imagine the amount of work you could accomplish.

2. Use your lunch break

Taking breaks during your work day is important. However, if you find yourself with down time at your 9-5, use it to your advantage. Use break time to research potential clients and pitch your services. Take a walk during your break and brainstorm new ideas.

3. Use your commute

Turn your commute into productive time. If you take public transportation use that time to make to-do lists, write out goals, and catch up on side hustle related reading. If you carpool use that time bounce ideas off and solicit advice from your carpool companion. If you are solo during your commute use that time to reflect on your goals and progress. Expand your learning by listening to podcasts. Use a voice memo app to record thoughts and ideas that pop up during your drive to work.

4. Adjust your day job work schedule

Some employers offer flexible schedule options. If you work best in the morning, see if you can push your start time back an hour. Dedicate that extra morning hour to your side hustle. Other options including working four 10 hour days or building up comp time during the week. Check with your employer to see if an alternate schedule is an option for you.

5. Outsource

We all have busy work that cuts into our free time. Housework and yard work for example can take up hours of your precious time each week. If it is cost effective for you, consider outsourcing tasks such as lawn maintenance and house cleaning to free up additional time for your side hustle.

6. Cut down time spent on television and social media

Reduce or eliminate the amount of time you spend watching television or scrolling through social media. When you have limited time to work on your side hustle it’s essential to eliminate time wasters like these.

7. Schedule time with yourself

Make an appointment with yourself every week to work on your side hustle. Treat this appointment with high priority and be sure to use it for its intended purpose. Don’t view it as free time or allow other activities to spill in during this time. Remove yourself from potential distractions and focus solely on your work.

Incorporating these tips into your daily routine will yield extra hours for your side hustle work. Remember though that balance is important to avoid burnout. Only incorporate methods that work best with your current schedule and working style.

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    I find that having a ‘day job’ can actually de-motivate me. When I have a steady paycheck, I don’t have a sense of urgency for growing my side businesses. Sometimes it is better to just take the plunge and go into your side hustles full time. Of course, some planning is necessary along with building a financial cushion to lesson the risk.
    Green Girl Success recently posted…Are you too comfortable? Lessons from nomadic traveling…My Profile

  2. says

    Waking up earlier and sleeping slightly later is how I have managed side-hustles so far. And in fact unlike Green Girl up here, a day job gives me structure. I can easily differentiate work hours and side hustles hours and use the extra money to fund some other acitivities…
    Simon E. recently posted…Barnes and Noble MasterCard® ReviewMy Profile

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