7 Ways to Find More Time to Work on Your Side Hustle

7 Ways to Find More Time for your Side Hustle

Balancing a side hustle with full-time work is not easy. Finding the time to work on your side business can be difficult, but there are ways to devote additional time. Incorporating these time management tips will add valuable hours to your week, and more time means more money in your pocket!

1. Wake up earlier

Start your day earlier. Or, stay up later if that works better for you. If you wake up 30 minutes earlier than normal three times a week you gain 90 extra minutes. That’s over six hours per month! Imagine the amount of work you could accomplish.

2. Use your lunch break

Taking breaks during your work day is important. However, if you find yourself with down time at your 9-5, use it to your advantage. Use break time to research potential clients and pitch your services. Take a walk during your break and brainstorm new ideas.

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