How To Make Money With Airbnb

As most of you are well aware I am always looking for new, easy and fun ways to make money.  In fact, that’s one of my passions in life: making money by doing things that I already enjoy.  And since I started my rideshare site, I’m obviously now very involved with the sharing economy.  So today I wanted to post an article that I wrote about Airbnb.  I think Airbnb is a great way to make a little extra money or even a lot of money if you have the capital to buy a property.  There’s definitely some risk since it’s such a new and innovative form of ‘being a landlord’ but I think the reward more than justifies the risk.

Here’s my post:

Similar to my rideshare journey, I started off with Airbnb on the customer side of things.  Over the years, I’ve used Airbnb to stay at properties in Hawaii, San Francisco and Santa Barbara.  And what initially attracted me to the service was the fact that Airbnb properties were significantly cheaper than renting a comparable hotel room.

I’ve actually never been a big fan of paying for travel (as evidenced by my numerous articles on ‘travel hacking’) but when I do have to pay for a room, I prefer to use Airbnb.  Among the many benefits on the consumer side, there are actually just as many on the owner’s side.  Today I’m going to detail a few of the ways I’ve made money off Airbnb and also present some unique strategies that some of my friends have been doing to make money off Airbnb too. [Continue reading]

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