5 Cheap Vacation Ideas


Writing about summer vacations last week got my wheels turning, and I thought it would be fun to research a few budget friendly vacation ideas. The news is good! There are plenty of inexpensive ways enjoy a vacation. Below I’ve listed my five favorite cheap vacation ideas.


Camping is the quintessential cheap vacation. Many campgrounds, including state and national parks, offer super reasonable rates. If you’re not interested in sleeping in a tent, many campsites offer lean-tos and cabins to rent. Additionally, some campgrounds have built in family entertainment including beaches, pools, hot tubs, game rooms, and playgrounds.

Visit Family and Friends

It is road trip time! A great way to save on accommodations is by staying with friends and family on your vacation, and let’s face it, they would love the chance to see you. Since you are saving on hotel costs, this frees up extra money to devote to sightseeing, food, and other travel expenses.

Play Travel Roulette

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