4 Ways To Overcome Procrastination


We’ve all been there before. We have a certain amount of time to accomplish a specific task, and we find ourselves doing anything but the task at hand. Instead we check our email, scan social media, and chat with our coworkers. As our allotted time ticks down we panic and stress because we’ve given in to procrastination yet again.

It’s normal to procrastinate, some even argue it’s good to delay action until the last minute citing that it actually improves decision making and efficiency. While I agree with those points to a certain extent, I think in most cases procrastination can be dangerous, especially when it comes to your side hustle.

Since a side hustle is work you do in your spare time, it’s incredibly important to stay focused. Your spare time is too valuable to be wasted by procrastinating. In addition, since your side hustle is your own business, you are ultimately responsible for the work. If your work isn’t as high quality because you are in a rush in the final hour, it’s going to reflect poorly on you. It could even cost you future business.

Procrastination and goals don’t often go hand in hand. If you want to accomplish your goals, you will need to be focused and productive. It’s dangerous to procrastinate with new ideas as well. If you don’t take action on your ideas, you run the risk of forgetting about them completely. Worse yet, someone else will have the same idea and beat you to it. Consider these four tips to keep yourself on track and focused.

Eliminate Distractions

The best thing you can to do fend off procrastination is eliminate any potential distractions. Start by taking a few minutes to get prepared. Use the bathroom, refill your drink, and pull out any materials you need to accomplish your work. If you’re in an office shut the door or put ear buds in to send the message you’re not available for interruptions. Close your email and any other applications that aren’t necessary. Put your phone on silent and place it out of view. By eliminating distractions you will find it easier to stay focused while you move from task to task.

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